Dr. Dan Glass

Consultant Dermatologist

UK-trained Consultant Dermatologist Dr Daniel Glass is a General Medical Council registered skin specialist, qualified in both adult and paediatric Dermatology. After graduating in 1999 from the University of Birmingham Medical School, he went to London to complete his postgraduate medical training. He has specialised in Dermatology for more than 15 years and is pleased to consult with you on your skin care needs, as well as the dermatological needs of your family.

In addition to his private practice, Dr Glass is a Consultant Dermatologist at Bart’s Health NHS Trust. He is also an Honorary Consultant Dermatologist at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre Previously he was lead skin cancer clinician and Consultant Dermatologist at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust.

Dr Glass consults with patients across London about skin conditions such as acneeczema and rashes, as well as discussing the diagnosis and management of skin cancer. He regularly carries out mole checks and skin surgery, including surgical removal of benign lesions that may not be covered by insurance companies or facilitated by the NHS. He also offers treatment solutions for keloid scars and excessive sweating.

Pioneering Skin Research

Dr Glass has actively been involved in skin disease research since 1993. His clinical practice is complemented by the research he carries out into the development of melanoma skin cancer and the genetic basis of skin ageing. His research has been supported by Wellcome Trust and the European Union grants. He was also awarded a highly sought-after and competitive Medical Research Council Fellowship. Due to his research into skin ageing, he has been invited to speak internationally at Dermatology conferences. Dr Glass was awarded a PhD from King’s College, London. He has contributed to numerous chapters in books and has authored publications in high-impact, peer-reviewed medical journals, all of which attest to his outstanding international credentials.

Dr Glass teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has been an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London and Clinical Research Fellow at King’s College London. He was also the North West Dermatology Representative to the London Cancer Alliance. Dr Glass is devoted to finding better outcomes in the management of skin cancer.

Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Daniel Glass
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