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At The Dermatology Clinic London we treat and manage an extensive range of different skin conditions including: acne, eczema, psoriasis and skin cancer. We can check your moles for signs of skin cancer as well as removing unwanted moles and skin tags for cosmetic reasons. Skin cancer numbers continue to rise in the UK and we undertake regular mole checks for those who are concerned or at high risk.

Acne is the most common skin complaint affecting almost everyone to some extent particularly in your teens. Over the past 30 years the late onset of acne has become increasingly common. Eczema and psoriasis are also very common. There are hundreds of other skin conditions that we help with including, lumps and bumps that need removing surgically, hair loss and skin infections.


We aim to provide a caring and holistic approach in addressing your skin concerns. There is a close link between the skin and the mind which is why we work with a psychodermatologist to address the psychological causes of skin disease.

Approaching skin treatment from both medical and psychological angles allows us to improve the skin and empower the patient with the knowledge and techniques on how to address psychological triggers; both with the aim of improving the patient’s quality of life.

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We will see you in clinic and take a careful history to understand the background to your skin issues. Our dermatologists will explore any potential triggers and causes of your skin concerns. In many cases the diagnosis will be clear after looking at your medical history and examining your skin, but in some cases may require further investigation including blood tests, allergy testing and taking skin samples or biopsies.

Once our London based consultant dermatologists have made a diagnosis, medication may be prescribed and then a plan made to assess response to treatment or to discuss results.

Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Daniel Glass

About us

The Dermatology Clinic London was founded in 2015 by leading Dermatologist Dr Daniel Glass. The clinic has a team of expert Consultant Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Psychodermatologists and Histopathologists who provide patients with highly personalised treatment.

Our skin specialists provide exceptional dermatology care for children and adults of all ages using a comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment techniques in the heart of the capital’s medical district, Harley Street, London.

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Louise GouldLouise Gould
17:06 06 Dec 22
I contacted Dr Daniel Glass to treat a skin condition, after he was recommended to me by a relative.Dr Glass put me on a course of medication which was successful in treating this condition. I have now been happily discharged :)Throughout my treatment, I found Dr Glass to be extremely conscientious, caring and thorough. He fully explained all the available treatment options to me and possible side effects. I felt I was properly informed.He also explained to me that skin is very unpredictable and if I have a predisposition to skin allergies, then flare-ups could recur in the future. If this happens, I would have no hesitation in consulting with Dr Glass again, if need be. I would also have no hesitation in recommending him to others.
Paul DonleveyPaul Donlevey
22:47 23 Nov 22
Daniel Glass has been my specialist skin consultant since I was first diagnosed in 2015.His knowledge, expertise and attention to detail, is not only reassuring but enables you to build trust and confidence going forward in whatever treatment path is required.I have recommend him to familyand friends for diagnosis and treatment, as I believe Daniel is the leading consultant in his field for Northwest London.
Kishen KhetiaKishen Khetia
21:26 23 Nov 22
I have seen Dr Glass on two occasions, 2017 and 2022, for both different treatments. He is easily accessible and booking an appointment to see him was very efficient.When I saw Dr Glass in 2017, he diagnosed and treated my skin issue very swiftly. Within weeks I was looking well but mentally that boosted my confidence too.I needed to see him again and I was not going anywhere else, as he was the right person to treat my skin condition again. Dr Glass once again diagnosed and treated my skin condition on a different issue very quickly and within 6-7 weeks, my skin feels new.Thank you once again Dr Glass; I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking your services as I know they will be in the best care.
S TaylorS Taylor
17:52 28 Sep 22
Excellent care and attention to detail from Dr Glass. It very much felt like a collaborative approach to tackle the dermatological issues. Dr Glass has been very careful and gave us lots of information and reassurance which left us with the confidence to begin treatment and continue with it. Regular appointments throughout the treatment were easy to set up and the clinic did its best to find convenient moments for us - both in person and online. The results have been excellent and we have appreciated Dr Glass' straightforward, thoughtful and caring approach!

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